the modern

boudoir experience

the peekaboo experience


the peekaboo experience

What happens
after the shoot?

Now for the hardest part of all: choosing which of the beautiful shots you want to keep. Within a few weeks of the shoot we will have you either back into the studio to view your gorgeous images on our color-perfected cinema display or we schedule a viewing session over Zoom from the comfort of your own home. This is the time to choose the collection of photographs you would like. Our album collections start at $1600 but most women choose an album & digital collection from $3200-$6200

“My Peekaboo Shoot was one of the best things I have ever done. I was surprised at how confident and sexy I felt during the shoot.”
miss a

the peekaboo experience

what’s included in your boudoir experience?

  • Pre-session welcome guide & outfit guide with information on what to wear and how to prep for your Peekaboo Boudoir session
  • Professional Hair and Makeup by our talented team
  • Bubbles, water, fresh fruit & flowers
  • Complimentary access to our sanitized jewelry, props, and shoe wardrobes with sizes ranging from 5.5 to 11
  • Up to 90 minutes of photography in the studio in three to four outfits
  • Customized posing to make your body look and feel its best
  • Personal viewing and ordering session 4-6 weeks after your session.

the peekaboo experience

real women. real beauty

peekaboo experience

Frequently asked questions

Yes, always! We work with some of the very best makeup artists in the northwest! Hair and make-up services are included in every package. We’re always happy to customize a look based on what you’re the most comfortable with, from natural to full on glam!

Few Days Before:

Get your hair cut or colored so it’s in its best shape. Treat yourself to a manicure/pedicure. We find that light pinks and nudes look best for nails or go bright red if you want a punch of color in all the photos! For your toes, feel free to go with a fun color or match the pink and nudes.

Choose what you are going to wear. Don’t forget lingerie / high heels / accessories. We do have heels in the studio for you ranging in sizes from 6 to 10. If you have purchased new items then remove the tags and/or stickers. Choose some loose fitting clothes to travel in. Make sure to wear nothing that leaves elastic marks on your skin!

A Few Hours Before:

Give yourself time to have a nice relaxing bath or shower. Start imagining yourself as the confident, sexy women that you want to see looking back at you from these photos. Shave anything that needs shaving, or we recommend waxing a few days before. One final check of lingerie / high heels / accessories and pack it all into a bag. All you need to do is show up and we’ve got the rest!

Yes and no… We want you to be as comfortable as possible and get the assistance you need, but remember that having another set of eyes on you could make you feel self-conscious. We do limit it to one person, and we ask that you bring a female friend. Our studio, as lavish as it is, is small, so we ask that your guest stay seated so that we have plenty of room to photograph. We also kindly request that your guest does not photograph you in our studio.

We prefer to think of what we do as “perfecting” images. Our mission, first and foremost, is to make you feel sexy and gorgeous as YOU, not as a plastic Barbie doll! We do the perfect amount of smoothing and perfecting on all the right places- just the finishing touches to bring out your natural, unique glow. We touch up light blemishes, acne, and bruises that are temporary. We can’t touch up tan lines, however.

We can do further retouching upon request for a fee.

Yes! We love and honor the journey of motherhood and would be happy to photograph your maternity boudoir session. With a focus on the natural belly, we love scheduling these around the 7-month mark to make sure you feel your best. Documenting the magic of pregnancy is so beautiful as it’s such a transformational, sacred, and fleeting time. While we don’t include dad here, we are happy to include elements of the baby-to-be with ultrasound photographs and baby blankets. White sheets, soft cotton, sheer form-fitting maternity dresses, and bandeau bras work really well for these sessions. However, we love the timeless and iconic nude photos with hands under the belly and over the breasts a la Demi Moore’s 1991 Vanity Fair cover photo.

We specialize in the Modern Boudoir Experience for women only. Our female-run business specializes in creating breath-taking and empowering images of women, by women, looking as sexy and confident as ever! However, we are happy to recommend local photographers for these services.

Never without your permission! We respect your privacy and would never show images that you have not approved, nor do we ever use real names. We do love to show off our empowering photos to share with other women so they can learn more about our studio. We can always crop parts of the image so you remain anonymous, but you still have the thrill of seeing your gorgeous self-published!